Award Winning
Investment Boutique

HULT Private Capital and Partners provide an exclusive approach to investing, assuring your capital is robustly grown and secure within structured investment facilities.

Exclusively for High Net-Worth and Sophisticated Investors.

Introducing the right investments at the right time.

HULT Private Capital

HULT Private Capital and Partners is a leading investors boutique with over 11 years successful track record, working exclusively  exclusively with HNWI and sophisticated investors. We firmly believe structured planning and robust investments is a winning combination success.
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Private Equity

We introduce advisors and the best experts on a range of investment both “Individual Investors” and “Partner” Companies Worldwide. With a proven track record we help deliver projects from start to finish, including but not limited to acquisition, property investments & Development.
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To get the best result you need the best investment team with the right investments for you. With a range of fixed bank guaranteed funds, property and asset backed investments, we carry out comprehensive research and analyse to ensure that the investment you make is aligned with your goals and objectives.

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Business Investments

hult private capital

Our aim is introduce investments that attain optimum returns from invested capital. We do this for businesses as well as HNW  investors. We have a number of tax efficient, high performing and secure fund companies, perfect for businesses resting capital. Taking the best asset pinned investments, let HULT help to give your capital a boost introducing you to the right set of investments.
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Only invest in simple business that you understand.”

Warren Buffett

Our Values

Our core values ensure that we act with the utmost degree of integrity and professionalism, transparent and ethical at all times. In essence, we put the client’s interests first and at the heart of everything we do. This ensures the peace of mind that only derives from knowing your financial future is secure as a result of HULT helping… you.

HULT Private Capital and the associated “Partner” Companies strive to deliver consistently high standards and are committed to providing an excellent client experience, resulting in long lasting value added relationships.

All investments have risks. Property investments are relatively illiquid and it could take some time to liquidate these types of investment. The investments introduce by HULT are from platforms designed for professional investors who understand the risks associated with property investments and are comfortable with that level of risk. We recommend Investors and Funders seek independent advice and undertake their own due diligence.