About Us

Hult Private Capital is a leading private equity firm with a successful track record. We firmly believe that solid business execution and patient capital is a winning combination for long-term success. Everything we do at Hult is designed to give our clients the best chance for investment success.

At Hult, we focus on providing superior risk-adjusted returns to our clients through a true open architecture platform and a unique relationship to custodian banks. Our relationship with the client is based on trust, transparency, and honesty that goes beyond the usual client-advisor relationship and ensures a total alignment of interests.

Our entrepreneurial management and advisory board are comprised of highly qualified finance professionals that are committed to the firm and share the same value for excellence. Our clients come from every corner of the globe and they entrust us with assets ranging from a million dollars to hundreds of millions.

Over the years, we have accumulated experience and a level of depth in financial management services to become a leading wealth and private equity firm in Europe.

Our Philosophy

We strive to identify opportunities that create and maximize value while minimizing risk, through strategic and planned investing, which seeks to identify capital voids, market, and operating inefficiencies and anticipated cyclical recoveries.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to go above and beyond client expectations by providing world-class financial services. We’ve built lifelong relationships with our clients-friendships founded on trust, respect, and integrity.

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