Creative Portfolios

Created to Match Your Objectives

Take a Look At Our Innovative Portfolios & See How We Can Structure The Right Portfolio For You.

Cash Free Management Fund

Designed to enhance return potential beyond cash investments with only a moderate increase in risk.

Fixed Investment Funds

Designed to provide return generation, capital preservation, and portfolio diversification.

Capital Growth Fund

Designed to deliver a solid income stream and long-term capital appreciation potential.

Variable Asset F.I.

Designed to provide diversified, actively managed exposure to global markets across a broad allocation spectrum.

Partner With HULT

It is important to invest with a partner that will help you to achieve your investment goals. HULT Private Capital help investors to exceed their financial vision by effective and timely portfolio management. Time-tested, actively managed with bespoke client advice. HULT are the right choice for effective capital management.

A focus on helping you actively get – and stay – ahead of the markets
Actively managed underlying funds to help maximize opportunities
Sophisticated risk management platform to support your investment decisions