Funding Projects for Developers


The HULT Private Capital platform has an audience of the most active investors predominantly in the UAE and UK, to provide competitive equity, bridging and stretch debt, which is matched autonomously by our in-house analysts.

We can select the types of investors who can see your opportunity and limit the project from over exposure or duplication of investors you may have already approached. Only the most appropriate professional investors will see the development opportunity. UAE investors are handled by this Website herein and the UAE team, whereas UK investors are handled exclusively by and by the team in London.

Our Process

We work closely with developers to present their schemes professionally, finding the best solutions for their unique opportunities.

We take great pride in arranging and attending all prospective investor meetings to ensure complete support and continuity.

We understand how time consuming and stressful funding can be. The HULT Private Capital platform is designed to be as quick and efficient while maintaining high quality.

If you are familiar with HULT Private Capital, you will be aware we do not work with retail investors. Only professional investors can see investment projects introduced by HULT Private Capital which speeds up the process, limiting your exposure to only those that understand risk.

Examples of  Projects of Interest

All types of property developments of all asset classes across the UK, with a preference for the London region

Senior debt and stretched debt funding over $1,000,000 with no cap
Equity investment over $300,000 with no cap
The sale of: land, yielding or distressed assets.

Why use HULT Private Capital Development Team?

A faster response to your funding requirements
Potential for 100% funding
Dynamic and flexible funding than offered by traditional lenders
Usually lower costs of funding than from banks
HULT Private Capital arranges and attends all funding meetings to ensure complete support and continuity
Audiences for opportunities are tailored so that HULT Private Capital can choose which professional investors see the project as well as ensuring that projects of a sensitive nature are not overexposed
For  inexperienced developers, HULT Private Capital can match them with more experienced developers in a joint venture. This provides potentially a reduced risk for the investment opportunity.
Once HULT Private Capital has appraised the project and understand the project promoter’s needs, HULT Private Capital will structure the investment/finance to keep the costs as low as possible
HULT Private Capital prepares with the promoter’s involvement a detailed overview of your company and the project for professional funders. HULT Private Capital presenting the promoter and the project in a consistent and professional manner.
HULT Private Capital has access to its own Quality Surveyor (QS) to verify your promoter’s data provided, to continue checks before funding starts
No upfront costs. Fees are built into funding. If a project is aborted before funding completion, however, a small administrative fee of $1,000 is applicable.

Documents Required

Project appraisal showing buy and build costs and gross development value
Schedule of accommodation to show a breakdown of your completed scheme
Plans and planning documents
Any evidence to support the gross development value; desktop valuation, comparable properties, etc.
An overview of your experience with at least three examples of previous projects if you can

HULT Private Capital Due Diligence

Credit bureau check; such as search for derogatory credit
Track record of involvement in at least three projects confirmation
Project’s site is secured, either by ownership, option or exchange, HULT Private Capital remains in control of project at all times.
Localized searches for anything which may have an adverse effect on the project
Analysisto ascertain that the project has sufficient profit to ensure maximum returns even if the market experiences a downturn.
Analysis to confirm supporting evidence to verify the gross development value of the project
Quality surveyor to verify its project feasibility.

Do you have projects that require professional attention? We want to hear from you. Please contact us at +971 4566 4052 or by email info(at) and one of our in-house managers would be happy to listen and to assist.

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Tel: +971 4566 4052