Investing with HULT  

With a combined 180 years of experience, we know what makes successful investments and the best investments..... and we do not rest there.

To keep ahead of our competition we are consistently seeking for new ways to bring value to your portfolio. Continued success gives HULT investments the reputation as the “best investments” which is why those who have experienced little when investing turn to the industry experts HULT . By taking advantage of our book of best investments you too can build capital growth safely.

How to Invest with HULT. . . . . 

Investing with us is simple. Below we have listed the process:

  1. Confirm status of High Net Worth Individual or Sophisticated Investor by way of QA
  2. Complete online declaration
  3. Discuss the investment with your HULT representative and choose how much you feel comfortable  to begin investing *minimum investment  £10,000 to £25,000.00 depending on investment type).
  4. Send a copy of your Passport / Driving license and up to date utility bill to respective parties
  5. When Compliance has approved your application, documents will be sent to you for completing.  Sign and return Investment Contract either by email or post, retaining a copy for yourself.
  6. Transfer the funds to investment house.
  7. Your investment begins.

As customary you will be provided with biannual reports.

You will quickly feel at home when investing through us as we aim to familiarise you with the HULT team. Your experienced HULT professional will ensure you understand the investment fully before we move ahead and they will be your first point of contact. Welcome to the HULT Team.

Although we would love to assist every investor unfortunately we can not. Investments through HULT are not suitable for retail investors for more information on this please see our self certification page.