Property Investments

Property Funds (inc Mini Bonds)

Known as one of the most secure asset class HULT property investments are proving to be popular among smart investors

HULT property Investments are secured against physical assets, such as a property, property development or an area of land (planning) with a intrinsic monetary worth to the value of 30 million.

HULT Property Bonds are secured against physical assets with a realisable value giving each investor complete security and confidence.

Why Invest HULT Property Funds?

HULT property investments are a secure way to boost your capital. Simply put… it is an investment in which your capital makes  strong secure growth assured by a underlying fixed asset. Investors have full capital security and legal charges over land assets and future projects of each development until specified exit date. Thus providing our investors 100% peace of mind and without complication.

2019 – In a recent survey the leading reason behind HULT high client retention rate and why investors choose to invest was; security combined with strong investment returns, closely followed by knowledgeable and friendly staff.

HULT Property Funds include the following benefits:

  • Circa 30M Fund
  • Tax Free*
  • Up 12% per annum
  • Invest up to 5 years
  • Asset Backed. (Full Capital Security)
  • Internationally recognised UK Lawyer
  • HNW and Sophisticated Investors
  • FCA Compliance
  • Capital Bank Guaranteed*
  • High demand
  • High investment threshold
  • Minimum investment 10,000.00 GBP
  • SUCCESSFUL track record

Attain 1 % per calendar month with this simple and effective investment opportunity

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