Property Investment Funds

UK Property Fund 

Classed as a safe haven asset class, capital is “secured” against the intrinsic assets [property / land] providing low volatility with little to no market correlation or the UK economy.

HULT and Partners investment assets are primarily located in and around Central London with a number of projects within the London area. The investment funds are secured against the asset [property / land]  registered with the Land Registry by Solicitors Regulation Authority [SRA] approved Law Firms. This provides stability and 100 % security for the “invested capital”.

Central London and the UK “Home Counties” are globally recognised as desirable locations and highly sort after providing  “peace of mind” for investors seeking a secure return on or guaranteed return on their capital.

Each of our property funds will have a fully managed diversified portfolio. Our investment funds are Sharia-compliant and may have many tax advantages depending your on location.

HULT Property Fund

About the Fund 

▪  Location: Prime Central London, Greater London, Home Counties.

▪  Return: 8% guaranteed up to12%+ per annum 

▪ Protection: 1st legal charge over group assets land /property

▪  Minimum Investment: 20,000.00 GBP

▪  Investor Classification: HNW and Sophisticated Investors 

▪  Tax Free: Tax free options Available  (we advise to always seek  independent tax advice)

▪  Term: 3 to 5 years investment options 

▪  Asset Type: Prestige Class 

▪  Security: All investment funds are secured against group assets [property / land].

▪  Subject to availability: Limited to fund size

Is there a limit to how much you can invest?
250k is the most common starting point for HULT investors with limits depending on fund size. What you will notice is how comfortable it is to move forward with our investments and the simplicity of each fund. We are here to make financial planning easy for you. 

How do I get started?
The first step is to speak to us and discuss your needs and appetite for investing. We keep the process simple and direct making sure you always understand every step of the process. CONTACT US for our Client Fact Sheet and speak to an investment manager today.