Property Investment Funds

UK Property Fund 

A safe haven for investors funds, as they are “secured” against assets [property / land]; this provides low volatility, and little or no correlation to equities market, or the UK economy.

HULT Private Capital and its “Partner” Companies are launching the property related investment fund projects. The investment fund will primarily be concentrated into projects in and around Central London; but there will also be investment into projects within the “Home Counties” area. The investment funds are secured against the asset [property / land] and is registered at the Land Registry by Solicitors Regulation Authority [SRA] approved Law Firms. This provides for stability and security related to the “invested capital”. The Central London and UK “Home Counties” investment projects is globally recognised as desirable investment opportunity; one which provides the “peace of mind” for investors seeking a secure return for their investment.

Each of the property investment funds will have a diversified portfolio [managed by AMG Financial Management Ltd and ACM (UK Branch) Ltd]. The investment fund scheme is Sharia-compliant; and tax advantages may be available to overseas investors.

HULT Property Fund

About the Fund 

▪  Location: Prime Central London, Greater London, “Home Counties” and key designated UK areas

▪  Return: 12%+ per annum 

▪  Regulation: FCA Regulated Company (AMG financial Management Ltd)

Protection: AMG Financial Management Ltd is a Financial Conduct Authority approved Company, and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme [FSCS] may be able to compensate customers if this firm [AMG Financial Management Ltd] fails.

  • Protection: 1st legal charge over assets land /property

▪  Sound Entry Level

▪  Investor Classification: HNW and Sophisticated Investors Exclusively 

▪  Tax Free: Depending upon your status and tax jurisdiction (you will need TO obtain independent tax advice)

▪  Capital: Held by AMG Financial Management Ltd [a Financial Conduct Authority approved “Company” ]

▪  Term: 3 to 5 years investment options 

▪  Asset Type: Prestige Class 

▪  Capital Class: Secured against assets [property / land]

▪  Security: All investment funds are secured against assets [property / land].

▪  Subject to availability: Limited to fund size


Is there a limit to how much you can invest? 250k is the most common starting point for HULT investors with limits depending on fund size. What you will notice is how comfortable it is to move forward with our investments and the simplicity of each fund. We are here to make financial planning easy for you. 

How do I get started?

The first step is to either email or post a copy of your passport and utility to bill to our London office. Once we have verified you. You can then beginning the signing of documentation and transfer of funds. CONTACT US and speak to an investment manager today.