The Founders: HULT Private Capital

Meeting in 2004 at the Geneva Energy Summit a chance interaction paved the way for John and Lewis to meet. Immediately connecting on a number of topics, they developed as good friends and became even stronger business allies having matching core business values and belief that things could be done better.

John credits their success to having shared goals and priorities, yet differing in many ways. He has these words of advice for anyone who is considering a partnership: “You should certainly strive to find someone whose skills and perspective complement your own, all the while challenging you, pushing you well past your comfort zone.”

While successful in their own rights both having built and managed a range of investment funds and companies, HULT  has grown organically since its inception in 2008, branching from a small office in Munich to being internationally recognized in Dubai, London and Hong Kong with over 340 million(£) assets under management now owned by the ACM Group.

“While we share a love for innovative investment funds combined with the traditional, we also see the world differently,” says Lewis. “Our individual experiences and perspectives create a healthy balance, we both knew that success would require a lot more talent than just the two of us could bring and with the initial backing from investment banks Noor and Barclays Wealth it is evident that our idea to bring something personalized and boutique was the right one. Investors no longer want the typical. Innovation is “key” and this is what John brings with his experience in the alternative investment market and fund creation.”

Director: Lewis Hill

Born September 1958
Education:  Masters in Economics and Mathematics
Residencies: Abu Dhabi and Scotland
Status: Married with 3 grown children
Area of expertise: Developing New start Funds, Acquisition.
Previous Experience: Former member HIG Equity and former Fund director at Lombard Odier.


1. Creating a 500M hedge fund to completion

2. Developing a specialized alternative Investment team that supersedes returns by over 12% creating a 26% return over a 16 month period, backed by underlying food commodities. One of the first of its kind.

3. Successfully developed over 38 funds throughout a career which have all achieved over 8.95% returns over a 12 month period.

4. One of the first to invest in Facebook and more recently Uber

5. Successfully invested in select 11 startups that have developed into notable names to date.

6. Founded HULT with the backing of 2 investment banks.

7. Founding Client Management Fund (CM) and Asset Client Management Dubai Tax-free investment holding with John Williams

Director: John Williams

Born April 1976
Education:  Masters Economics and Business, ILM
Residencies: Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong
Status: Married with 2 children
Area of expertise: Alternative investments, New business,
acquisition, and funding.
Previous Experience: Former Fund Manager at Prudential and Hedge fund director for Drummonds.


1. Leading the top achieving hedge fund to completion 02, 03 and 04

2. Development of 6 different funds (Raising over 10m)

3. Full ILM

4. Creation of a bank backed sub-fund that focuses on BRICs quartet commodities and investment opportunities.

5. Leading one of the highest achieving tax-free alternative investments funds 2013, 14, 15

6. Founding HULT with the banking of 2 investment banks.

7. Founding Client Management Fund (CM) and  Client Management Dubai Tax-Free investment holding with Lewis Hill.