What is a property Loan note?

Smart Property Investments

A loan note is a contract for a loan that specifies when the loan must be repaid and usually also the interest payable. It has become very popular in recent years for property developers and investors.

Property Investment Loan notes include all of the affiliated loan terms. It is considered a legally binding contract, with both parties considered committed to the terms as they are written. For security a lawyer writes the agreement and overseas all parties are in agreement. Traditionally the loan note is completed by the lender. The note is considered valid until the amount listed on the document is paid in full by the borrower.

Loan notes encompass all of the pertinent details regarding the legal agreement reached by the parties concerned. This includes the contact information and names for all parties, as well as the principal balance and any interest rate being applied over the length of the loan. Additional information regarding the payment schedule, including the due date, and what happens if a payment is defaulted will be incorporated. A charge is placed over the land and property making this type of property investment low risk and secure.

The Benefits

The benefits of HULT’s property loan note investments can boost your returns because you are making a return on the need for real estate finance. Simply put… it is a loan in which your capital, securely makes a healthy interest. We have eradicated any weakness by providing full security over land assets and future projects of each development.

Some other benefits of loan notes are:

  • Tax Free
  • FCA Compliance (19 Years)
  • Returns from 10% upwards
  • Invest up to 5 years
  • Secure
  • Reputable Property Lawyers
  • Capital bank guaranteed*
  • Catering for the Residential demand
  • High investment threshold
  • Internationally known developers with successful track record

For more information on the type of Property Loan notes you can invest in from 10% upwards, capital bank guaranteed, alongside the UK’s most reputable property companies contact us on London 020 8123 5164.