What we do

“Everything we do at HULT is designed to give our clients the best SECURITY for investment success.” –
Lewis Hill – HULT Private Capital

We at HULT and “Partner” Companies, focus on providing superior risk-adjusted returns through an open architecture platform and a unique relationship. All clients’ interaction is based on trust, transparency, and honesty that goes beyond the usual client-advisor relationship, and ensures a total alignment of interests.

Worldwide we operate 2 types of investment alternative Asset Secured or Bank Guaranteed..

Asset Secured

We provide a number of Alternative Investments that perform upwards of 8% to 12% per annum and in many cases more. These select investments focus on:

  • Property
  • Lending and Infrastructure. (Lease Secure Loan)

Alternative investments have many benefits some of which are:

  • Higher Returns
  • Tax-Free
  • Ethical
  • Clean
  • Compound Growth
  • Short Terms
  • High Investment Thresholds
  • Insurance

While alternative investments do not provide the same like for like security as a bank backed investments our investments they are all value and asset-backed and secured, meaning in a doomsday scenario the value of assets can easily be activated to achieve your capital. While this has never happened it is important that we inform our clients of every possible scenario.

Bank Guaranteed Investments

To some of HULT’s clients’, we offer investment bank funds;  secure capital safe BANK GUARANTEED fixed holdings which can perform upwards of 5%. The investments are fixed deposits from 12 months or up to 5 years with a focus on oil, secure bonds, and physical commodities. These investments are 100% bank owned with all the securities provided you would normally expect from a bank.

Those Clients’ investment will remain as a holding until completion, at which point funds would be returned to Clients’ who then may wish to reinvest into one or more of our other higher yielding alternative investments.These investments are very simple to facilitate with bi-annual reports provided.

Many investments imply they are bank backed or secure, but in reality they are not. Our bank backed investments are FULLY CAPITAL PROTECTED by the investment bank meaning your capital is not at risk. Investments start from 50,000.00 GBP / 65,0000 USD authorised and listed by the DFSA securities.

HULT Private Capital in association with AMG Financial Management (FRN: 518817) Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Permissions Number: 634905