What we do

“Everything we do at HULT is designed to give our clients complete security for investment success.” –
Lewis Hill – HULT Private Capital

At HULT we focus on providing  secure returns through an open architecture platform and unique relationship with select investment banks. All client interaction is based on trust, transparency, and honesty that goes beyond the usual client-advisor relationship, ensuring a total alignment of interests.

Globally we operate 2 types of investment  Asset Secured and Bank Guaranteed..

Asset Secured

We provide a number of Property, Fund or Tax Free Investments that perform from a guaranteed 8% per annum up to 12%. These select investments focus on:

  • Growth
  • Security

Our Secured Investments have many benefits some of which are:

  • Higher Returns
  • Tax-Free
  • Ethical
  • Clean
  • Compound Growth
  • Short Term
  • High Investment Thresholds
  • Insured
  • Simple to manage

HULT  Secured investments provide the best capital security available in todays market ensured by the UK’s top legal firm. We know that client satisfaction and retention is key. So we place the client first, going above and beyond, ensuring repeat business with capital ring fenced capital returns.

Each investors is provided with a unique membership number with perks such  Wealth Management and UK Private Concierge Services. Contact us to find out more.

Bank Guaranteed Investments

To investors that qualify we can offer fixed investment bank funds;  that are secure, capital safe BANK GUARANTEED holdings which can perform upwards of 5%. These fixed deposit investments are available from 3 to 5 years with a focus on oil, secure bonds, and physical commodities which gives 3 tier stability. Our fixed deposit investment is 100% bank owned with full the securities and insurance provided.

The investment will remain as a holding until completion, at which point funds would be returned to clients’ who then may wish to reinvest or choose to diversify into  other higher yielding funds we hold .

These investments are very simple to facilitate with bi-annual reports provided and provide a good return throughout volatile marketsOur bank fund investments are 100% CAPITAL PROTECTED  meaning your fixed deposit capital is not at risk. Investments start from 25,000.00 GBP / 33,0000 USD authorised and listed by the DFSA securities.

HULT Private Capital in association with AMG Financial Management (FRN: 518817) Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Permissions Number: 634905