We specialise in quality long term investments which have stood unparalleled to date. From the mid-tier investor to savvy, sophisticated, high net worth clients our bespoke boutique approach enables us to be personal, understanding each clients short and long term objectives.

Our approach enables us to connect our core network of top-level serious investors with top-level wealth and investment professionals that know the markets; with “Partner” Companies.

This is why you should invest with HULT’s “Partner” Companies; every effort will be made to help you achieve your objectives, and deliver beyond your expectations. HULT and “Partner” Companies want to keep you as a long term investor; and in doing so be part of that “family” as we grow as a business. Investing with our group is more than just making strong returns. Investing with us means you become part of the HULT Private Capital family a strong Group of Companies that truly believes in core values of Integrity, Passion, Boldness, Honesty, and Trust. Always giving 100% Commitment to Customers in an environment that is fun to be part of, imbuing a sense of pride and success in everything we and our partner companies do.

About HULT

HULT was set up by Lewis G Hill and John Williams in 2008. For details on directors “Please see John & Lewis Founders Page”.  HULT’s origins began as a boutique investment house that specialised in superior risk positive investments which would perform successfully should ever there be another financial collapse, a circumstance both Lewis and John weathered and managed to achieve great returns, while many did not. Rather than grow impetuously, HULT has focused on specific boutique investments for the base of HNW clients the Professional Team have accumulated over the years.

What does HULT specialize in?

HULT specializes in Private Equity, Physical Commodities, Acquisition, Business to business investing and Asset-Backed Investments. We do not provide direct bonds option, stocks shares, futures, swaps, forwards. Although we are authorized to provide certain bank guaranteed investments.


We have offices in London Munich Hong Kong and Dubai with over 60 employees. In London HULT Private Capital have offices in association [Partner Companies] with ACM (UK BRANCH) Limited and AMG Financial Management (FRN: 518817) Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Permissions Number: 634905


The vision of HULT is unique and clear. HULT’s aim is to be “one” of the leading global boutique investment businesses for select High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors who have a keen interest to make smart investment decisions and a thirst for dynamic investment platforms.  To continue to demonstrate a second to none service that goes beyond quality, honesty and integrity, elements missing in today’s investment world.